ADDING MULTIMEDIA Hyliion Announces Nationwide Hypertruck ERX Marketing Roadshow Kickoff


(NYSE: HYLN) (“Hyliion”), a forerunner in charged powertrain answers for Class 8 semi-trucks, today declared that it has started its cross country Hypertruck ERX Marketing Roadshow, which will incorporate encounters with a few Hypertruck Innovation Council individuals. The roadshow will be a chance for Hyliion to feature the Hypertruck ERX pre-creation demo unit, its cutting edge electric powertrain that is re-energized by an installed petroleum gas generator, empowering long-range pulling and speedy refueling, and permitting armadas to possibly arrive at net-negative fossil fuel byproducts. The main stop on the visit will be the Wegmans Food Markets (“Wegmans”) base camp in Rochester, NY on November tenth and eleventh, 2021.

ADDING MULTIMEDIA Hyliion Announces Nationwide Hypertruck ERX Marketing Roadshow

One of Hyliion’s as of late finished Hypertruck ERX show units will venture out to the Wegmans office for a two-day occasion highlighting on-street showings and ride-alongs. Delegates from Hyliion will give top to bottom training on the arrangement’s components and advantages, including the possibility to help armadas’ decarbonization objectives and to diminish absolute expense of possession.

“We are eager to report the dispatch of our cross country Hypertruck ERX Roadshow with the main stop at the Wegmans central command in Rochester,” said Hyliion organizer and CEO Thomas Healy. “This is a significant stage forward in our Hypertruck ERX commercialization process. We anticipate getting criticism from these industry chiefs and esteemed Council individuals as we keep on creating items to control the present armadas with the arrangements of things to come.”

“Hyliion is especially glad to assume a significant part in supporting Wegmans’ drawn out obligation to manageability and decarbonization. We plan to be the accomplice of decision for armadas on their excursion to net-negative fossil fuel byproducts,” Healy added.

 With more than 100 stores across seven states, Wegmans has put resources into various maintainability drives remembering a concentration for diminishing their carbon impression. The territorial grocery store chain has effectively seen a positive outcome with the Hyliion items, with a few of its working trucks having been retrofitted with the Hyliion Hybrid arrangement in the course of the most recent two years.

“Using elective energizes, jolt, and driver-productivity drives, we have since quite a while ago centered around diminishing ozone depleting substance outflows and diesel fuel utilization in our truck armada,” said Matt Harris, Wegmans manageability administrator for energy and armada innovation. “Community oriented organizations with innovation providers, similar to Hyliion, have assumed a significant part in assisting us with accomplishing our armada maintainability objectives so far, and their proceeded with advancement permits us to reevaluate the cosmetics of our armada and what is really conceivable in the future with the right blend of advances. We’re invigorated for the chance to encounter the Hypertruck ERX firsthand.”


Following the Wegmans stop, Hyliion will have comparable ride-along occasions with extra Hypertruck Innovation Council individuals at its base camp in Austin, TX in December, proceeding to gather criticism that will be joined into future cycles of the Hypertruck ERX demo units. Hyliion is presently fostering extra exhibition units that will be added to the promoting roadshow upon fulfillment, permitting the organization to offer more item showings to more armadas.

About Hyliion

Hyliion Holdings Corp’s. (NYSE: HYLN) mission is to diminish the carbon force and ozone depleting substance (GHG) emanations of Class 8 business trucks by being a main supplier of zapped powertrain arrangements. Utilizing progressed programming calculations and information examination abilities, Hyliion offers armadas a simple, productive framework to diminish fuel and working costs while consistently coordinating with their current armada activities. Settled in Austin, Texas, Hyliion plans, creates, and sells charged powertrain arrangements that are intended to be introduced on most significant Class 8 business trucks, determined to change the business transportation industry’s natural effect at scale.

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