Bliss Spreader Improves Marketing Efficiency with Data Intelligence Advantages as E-business Enters an Era of Segmentation


With internet business firms verging on arriving at the greatest number of clients in China’s first-and second-level urban areas, the client profit in high-level urban areas is steadily being changed and moving toward the breaking point. Subsequently, in the second from last quarter, the development of new clients and income in the customary internet business area eased back altogether. This forecasts the passage of the internet business area into a period of division in development, as the new plan of action shifts from an attention on scale to one of further developing proficiency.

Happiness Spreader Group Inc. (“Happiness Spreader” or the “Organization”, Stock Code: 06988.HK), an innovator in new media execution based advertising, has remained profoundly occupied with the brief video web based business showcasing portion and, thus, recorded high development for the second from last quarter. 

In a declaration delivered on November 29, Joy Spreader delivered its unaudited results for the initial 3/4 of 2021, during which, income arrived at HK$945 million (approx. US$121 million), an increment of 61.07% YoY. Internet business item showcasing business dependent on the DouYin stage posted income of HK$194 million, up 300.12% YoY. The internet business item showcasing business kept up with super high development, recording net benefit of HK$108 million, up 176.87% YoY.

Joy Spreader Improves Marketing

The capacity of Joy Spreader’s internet business advertising business to keep up with the outsized development in spite of the division in the entire business was driven not just by the growing size of the interest-put together web based business with respect to the DouYin stage, yet in addition by the increase in productivity because of its benefit in information knowledge. 

Lately, suggestion based online business, specifically interest-put together internet business with respect to the DouYin stage, has turned into the biggest development driver in the web based business area. Since the dispatch of interest-based internet business, the DouYin online business environment has been growing quickly. As indicated by information delivered by DouYin, as of October 2021, the quantity of brands accessible on the DouYin stage had multiplied in contrast with mid 2021. During the November 11 deals period this year, the quantity of customers setting orders on the stage expanded over 100% YoY, while the quantity of rehash purchasers expanded almost 200%.

When DouYin made its entrance into the internet business area, Joy Spreader was quick to get a handle on the chance. Since dispatching the brief video-based internet business showcasing business in 2019, the organization enjoys acquired solid benefits in information and assets as far as brief video-put together online business with respect to DouYin. 

Satisfaction Spreader covered 829,700 showcasing focuses on the DouYin as of the finish of September 2021, ten times that of a similar period in 2020. Of them, 79,500 were dynamic advertising focuses, up 199.05 percent year on year. As to items, as of September 30, 2021, Joy Spreader had 358 items in its item library for internet business channels, an increment of 101.12% from 178 items in a similar time of 2020.

Acquiring solid benefits at both the stage and item finishes as far as information, Joy Spreader has, through ceaseless R&D speculation, made an interpretation of the benefits into more productive knowledge calculations, which, thus, has further developed showcasing adequacy. Information shows that Joy Spreader recorded normal turnover per advertising point on the DouYin foundation of HK$11,286.26 for the initial 3/4 of 2021, rising 16.57% from HK$9,681.71 YoY, driving a critical expansion in the organization’s general exhibition.

Joy Spreader Improves Marketing Efficiency with Data Intelligence Advantages as E-commerce Enters an Era of Segmentation

As a main innovation driven advertising innovation organization in China, Joy Spreader depends on advancements in information insight to further develop promoting productivity, shaping a solid mechanical hindrance and upper hand which has empowered the Company to keep up with super high development in an exceptionally serious market. Satisfaction Spreader is one of the main Chinese organizations to apply a premium put together calculation with respect to the TikTok stage as another way to deal with displaying the advertising business. Furthermore, the organization has not exclusively been directing business tests on the stage for quite a while, yet has likewise begun taking a nearby at the utilization of a shut exchange circle to traffic from TikTok, deals improvement by means of the calculation and mediator page-based exchanges, couple with confined warehousing, installment and coordinations, aggregating, subsequently, important information and industry assets. 

Looking forward, Joy Spreader will keep on further developing promoting effectiveness with information insight calculations, extend revenue based internet business showcasing business abroad, and enable the productive and solid improvement of the internet business advertising area with its benefits in cutting edge innovation.

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