Chevron Singapore Expands Relationship with PDI to Use Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions Across the APAC Region

Date – 10/03/2022

Cloud-based PDI POS Solutions give profound usefulness to direct solace, gas retail, and foodservice tasks with consistent reconciliation to the store environment

A international company of main software program solutions for the benefit retail and petroleum wholesale industries, nowadays announced it has signed an agreement with Chevron Singapore Pte. Ltd. (Chevron) to enforce cloud-based PDI Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions. The settlement offers aid to multiple international locations inside the Asia-Pacific (APAC) location and throughout the Chevron retail community, integrating with current PDI back-workplace and home-office commercial enterprise solutions that simplify complex operations across all earnings facilities. PDI POS Solutions assist comfort, fuel retail, and foodservice operations for Chevron with seamless integration throughout the enterprise’s enormous retailer ecosystem.

In November 2020, PDI announced it would put in force the following generation of PDI Envoy lower back-workplace and domestic-office software solutions at corporate-owned Chevron web sites across APAC. Today’s announcement enables Chevron to continue leveraging the global group of PDI professionals to help the continued digital transformation efforts in the area. In precise, Chevron will rely upon the effective, intuitive, and reliable PDI era stack to create a basis for future advanced generation investments.

Chevron Singapore Expands Relationship with PDI to Use Point-of-Sale

“We’re excited to increase our longstanding dating with Chevron in APAC. It’s a privilege to serve and enable customers like Chevron to be able to benefit from PDI technology investments in the convenience petroleum industry,” said Brad McGuinness, Senior Vice President, POS Solutions at PDI. “This announcement legitimizes the huge investments PDI is making within the enterprise, international markets, and our solution portfolio.”

PDI leads the marketplace in handing over answers that provide important building blocks for digital transformation, both to increase and destiny-evidence operations. Leading stores, like Chevron, keep to spend money on generation that optimizes enterprise operations and facilitates enhance the guest experience with modern POS solutions.

“To improve our client appreciate and blast office efficiency, we are perfect our POS arrangements,” said Dean Gilbert, General Manager, Marketing and Sales Support, Chevron, APAC. “PDI is a dedicated and depended on join forces with a tried history of helping us inside the area. Profound industry aptitude from PDI adds to Chevron accomplishment inside the Asia-Pacific region and we’re eager to expand this to POS.”

With PDI POS Solutions, Chevron can increase customer-centricity with strong promotions and operations that still deliver higher oversight of the enterprise, including real-time updates on stock, income, pricing, and staffing.

Sin Hin Wong, PDI General Manager and Vice President of Sales APAC, said, “Chevron is focused on upgrading the shopper revel in, and a cutting edge, fused POS arrangement empowers them gain that aim simultaneously as expanding organization usefulness. We anticipate working with Chevron all through the assorted parts in their retail activities in Asia and all through the Pacific area.”

Chevron Singapore Expands Relationship with PDI to Use Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions Across the APAC Region

About PDI 

Professional Datasolutions, Inc. (PDI) software enables companies and types increase sales, operate more correctly and securely, and enhance important decision-making. Since 1983, PDI has proudly served the benefit retail and petroleum wholesale industries. Over 1,500 businesses, representing more than 2 hundred,000 locations worldwide, count on PDI answers and information to deliver convenience and energy to the arena.

About Chevron 

Chevron is one of the world’s main integrated strength agencies. We accept as true with less costly, dependable and ever-cleaner strength is critical to achieving a greater rich and sustainable world. Chevron produces crude oil and herbal gas; manufactures transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and components; and develops technology that decorate our enterprise and the enterprise. We are focused on decreasing the carbon intensity in our operations and seeking to develop decrease carbon agencies in conjunction with our traditional commercial enterprise strains.

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