Cloud-based Solutions Provider Eka Unveils Sustainability and ESG Reporting Solution


Eka Software Solutions, a cloud-based totally organisation solutions issuer, announced today the release of the Eka Sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting answer pushed by using its Cloud Platform to assist organisations follow operational and compliance great practices.

This answer become delivered as part of Eka’s lengthy-time period vision to unify crucial commercial enterprise strategies from procurement to bills, to offer firms an in-depth view of their business for greater agility and faster decision making.

Enterprises are aware that their achievements are no longer measured entirely by their earnings and loss statements but additionally by their relationships with the environment, community, and financial system. Chief sustainability officials are seeking out ways to capture the essence of their sustainability tasks through measuring their ordinary effect that consists of profitability, shareholder values, social, human and environmental capital.

In spotting the developing want to create a era approach to help companies meet the ESG obligations and reporting specific to their agencies, Eka changed into able to tap into its very own surprisingly knowledgeable client base who take a seat on the main fringe of the worldwide sustainability attempt, in addition to main requirements of diverse industries, frameworks, and reporting standards.

loud-based Solutions Provider Eka Unveils

The declaration comes at the heels of large customer adoption of Eka’s Sustainability and ESG reporting answer. Commenting at the release, Gautam Khurana, Director Finance, Precious Shipping Public Company Limited stated, “Integrity and sustainability are on the center of our organization ethos. We are keen to make a distinction with our sustainability practices and make certain that our stakeholders are empowered with the proper facts to make essential selections. Leveraging Eka’s cloud-driven Sustainability answer will assist us automate key strategies associated with monitoring, measuring, and reporting ESG statistics with a large choice of reporting requirements and frameworks to cope with the numerous hobbies of our many stakeholders.”

  • Shuchi Nijhawan, Eka’s ESG and Sustainability Head stated, “ESG regulations, necessities and hints are assisting guide businesses on the path to becoming better corporates. The Eka Sustainability and ESG Reporting Solution will enable companies to greater carefully screen and file on their overall performance relative to those metrics. We are proud to be in this journey with our clients and stay up for making further improvements to our platform because the industry evolves.”

The Eka Sustainability and ESG reporting answer is rather configurable and allows agencies across various sectors to track, degree and record towards relevant enterprise standards, rules, and recommendations. The cloud-pushed answer can be used as a stand-alone product or can be seamlessly integrated into the prevailing tech-infrastructure that powers other essential commercial enterprise functions.

The Eka Sustainability and ESG reporting solution video display units in opposition to key metrics inclusive of:

  • Environmental sustainability – ethical sourcing and carbon emissions can be visualized in prebuilt sustainability reviews to monitor the strategic use of electricity and resources.
  •  Corporate and social responsibility – to make certain sustainable provider relationships and regulatory compliance.
  •  Workplace fitness and safety – to provide a clean expertise of every group of workers, laying the principles for ethical recruitment and worker engagement.

Applications encompass:

  • Tools to facilitate education programs, incident captures, legal court cases and direction correction measures.
  •  Compliance equipment for accurate company reporting and dimension against necessities along with GRI, UN SDG, CGP and other generally used standards. 
  • Custom dashboards primarily based to degree sustainability.
  • Collaboration equipment to digitally connect the whole business community with one common revel in, one safety model and one included source of information. 


Cloud-based Solutions Provider Eka Unveils Sustainability and ESG Reporting Solution

According to Manav Garg, founder and CEO of Eka, “As the world shifts toward a sustainable destiny, we’re all spotting the urgent want to embed ESG and Sustainability field into our commercial enterprise operations. With the release of Eka Sustainability and ESG reporting answer we are empowering establishments with their sustainability disclosures and assisting them cope with opportunities and dangers that have an effect on their operations, and most importantly their popularity.”

About Eka Software Solutions

Eka Software Solutions is a global chief in supplying innovative, cloud solutions that unify a whole range of workflows from procurement to bills. Its platform pushed answers for commodity and deliver chain control, supply-to-pay, treasury and sustainability help customers to conquer complex challenges and accelerate their digital adventure in an environment of non-stop change. With over 550 employees, Eka supports extra than a hundred customers globally and has established enterprise expertise in helping clients reap digital transformation, fixing complex business challenges in an environment of continuous change.

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