D.A. Davidson and Co. Goes about as Exclusive Financial Advisor to Remarkable Health in Its Sale to Netsmart


Association’s Digital Health Group Leads Sale Process of Behavioral Health Software and AI Vendor to Leading PE-supported Strategic

D.A. Davidson and Co. reported today that it has filled in as elite monetary counsel to Remarkable Health in its deal to Netsmart, a main supplier of medical care programming arrangements and administrations to assist suppliers with conveying entire individual, esteem based consideration.

Astounding Health is a product organization zeroed in on giving conduct wellbeing, substance misuse, and human assistance associations with the innovation they need to make efficiencies and smoothed out client encounters so clinicians can zero in on certain customer results rather than regulatory snags. Amazing offers CT|One®, a reason assembled electronic wellbeing record (EHR) stage and Bells, the business’ first virtual clinical documentation colleague fueled by AI and regular language handling. The Bells arrangement has demonstrated to facilitate the documentation trouble and diminish documentation time by half and functions as an ally to the EHR experience

D.A. Davidson & Co. Acts as Exclusive Financial Advisor

“The Behavioral Health industry has numerous positive tailwinds,” said Greg Hartlein, an accomplice in D.A. Davidson’s Technology Investment Banking Group. “The destigmatization of treatment, center around ‘Entire Person Health’ by payors and wellbeing plans, and new burdens brought about by the pandemic have brought about phenomenal interest for administrations. Simultaneously, the business is going through an enormous work lack and a shift to esteem based consideration. Suppliers need innovation, like Remarkable Health’s AI arrangement, Bells, to accomplish more with less, hold ability, and submit therapeutically precise documentation all the more rapidly. We were excited to join forces with Pete and group on this significant exchange and are eager to watch the following development of Bells with Netsmart.”

The mix among Netsmart and Remarkable Health will outfit clients of the two associations with additional commitments and further created clinician experiences. The association will redesign providers’ high level work processes and clinical staff effectiveness using AI advancements, and make one more industry standard for human organizations and post-extraordinary thought. “D.A. Davidson ran a useful and genuine communication,” said Peter Flick, CEO of Remarkable Health.”It was an amazing association with Greg and his gathering.”

D.A. Davidson’s innovation venture banking practice is one of the most dynamic center market bunches in the United States, having exhorted on north of 50 warning and public value exchanges addressing more than $20 billion in esteem since January 2021. D.A. Davidson’s venture banking division is a main full-administration speculation bank that offers extensive monetary warning and capital business sectors ability. 

The gathering has broad exchange experience serving center market customers worldwide across four industry verticals: shopper, broadened industrials, monetary foundations, and innovation. Along with its European key accomplice, MCF Corporate Finance, D.A. Davidson starts and executes overseas M&A exchanges under the normal brand of D.A. Davidson MCF International.

D.A. Davidson & Co. Acts as Exclusive Financial Advisor

About D.A. Davidson Companies 

D.A. Davidson Companies is a representative possessed monetary administrations firm contribution a scope of monetary administrations and counsel to people, partnerships, establishments and districts across the country. Established in 1935 and settled in Montana, with corporate workplaces in Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Omaha and Seattle, the organization has roughly 1,475 representatives and workplaces in 28 states.

Auxiliaries include: D.A. Davidson and Co., the biggest full-administration trading company settled in the Northwest, giving abundance the board, venture banking, value and fixed pay capital business sectors administrations and guidance; Davidson Investment Advisors, an expert resource the executives firm; D.A. Davidson Trust Company, a trust and abundance the executives organization; and Davidson Fixed Income Management, an enrolled venture counsel turning out fixed revenue portfolio and warning administrations.

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