Fidmi Medical Launches U.S. Deals of Novel Low-Profile PEG Device and Raises $2.2 Million

Date – 14/10/2021

Fidmi Medical Ltd.  as declared finish of a $2.2 million financing round and dispatched its FDA-cleared low-profile Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) gadget in the U.S. Financial backers in the round incorporate driving clinical innovation organization Micro-Tech (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.Miniature Tech has been named Fidmi’s elite merchant in the U.S. ( and China.

Gastrostomy tubes, which assist patients with getting long haul dietary help, are commonly positioned endoscopically and are supplanted each 3-6 months. Complexities, for example, stopping up and dislodgement are normal, bringing about lacking sustenance and drug conveyance, various cylinder substitutions, and hospitalizations, all at significant expense for patients and the medical services framework.

Fidmi Medical Launches U.S. Sales of Novel Low-Profile PEG Device and Raises $2.2 Million

Inside this $800 million market, Fidmi Medical’s creative low-profile gastrostomy framework can be used for both introductory position and substitution and is more tough and agreeable for patients. Fidmi’s further developed low-profile gastrostomy tube has a replaceable inward cylinder that can undoubtedly be changed by patients without the help of clinical experts and an exceptionally steady interior guard that is impervious to unplanned dislodgement. These components are relied upon to bring about less confusions, diminishing medical services costs for payers and medical care frameworks. The Fidmi PEGs will give a significant improvement in personal satisfaction for patients and their guardians.

Fidmi Medical CEO Shahar Millis commented, “We are genuinely eager to leave available section stage for Fidmi. With FDA freedom and vital cooperation with Micro-Tech, a forerunner in this field, we are all around situated to significantly impact individuals needing long haul wholesome help.”

“Together, we saw the chance to disperse a gadget that emphatically impacts patients and assists them with returning to carrying on with their lives. We worked rapidly to adjust on a dispersion plan that permits the framework to be available by more doctors — addressing their requirements for more proficient and more excellent patient consideration, all while substantially diminishing the expense,” said Chris Li, President of Micro-Tech Endoscopy USA. “We are glad to join forces with Fidmi and cheer their accomplishment in working on quiet personal satisfaction.”

About Fidmi Medical Fidmi 

Medical is an Israeli clinical gadget organization committed to creating upgraded taking care of gadgets that offer simple inclusion, substitution, and evacuation. Fidmi is a portfolio organization of The Trendlines Group.

Fidmi Medical Launches U.S.

About Micro-Tech Endoscopy USA

Miniature Tech Endoscopy is centered around making top-quality items for endoscopic analysis, and restorative clinical gadgets that permit doctors to give the most significant level of care. By cooperating with specialists devoted to development, Micro-Tech is focused on offering better gadgets for sale to the public, with unrivaled speed, at a conservative cost, and without the weight of agreements.

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