Finance of America Reverse Has New Look, Brand Assets to Reflect Its Modern Identity & Impactful Relationships with Customers


Finance of America Reverse discovered nowadays the launch of a brand new website, FAR.Com, and a transformative emblem refresh that will assist the organization beautify how it engages with a wide range of multigenerational owners to show off its suite of present day and flexible opportunity financing answers. Available, friendly, and relied on manual. Gary, like FAR, is lively, knowledgeable, and plain-spoken – no hyperbole.

A centerpiece of the refresh is an initial two-minute video offering Gary, who walks visitors via the benefits of one among FAR’s latest proprietary products, EquityAvail, in addition to answering greater not unusual questions. “Today marks a tremendous milestone and accomplishment for our corporation, and it’s the end result of a multi-year attempt to convert our marketing and highlight what makes us stand apart,” said Ashley Honore Smith, SVP of logo advertising and strategic communications at FAR. “It’s also a testament to our clients and an afternoon to have fun them, because they’ve been the foundation at the back of all of this work and could stay the rigid core of our logo.”

Finance of America Reverse Has New Look

Smith added, “Since we started out this work in 2018, we’ve in addition reinforced our brand and discovered more possibilities to actually interact with clients in a manner that builds trust and self assurance in each the expertise and knowledge we convey. Gary, our new spokescharacter and some other industry-first, personifies our brand and demonstrates how we’re executing towards our revolutionary, purchaser-centric technique and bringing our brand to life in ever more creative and particular approaches.”

Brand Refresh Speaks to the Youthfulness of Today’s Pretirees and Retirees 

FAR’s brand refresh deploys a formidable new look that similarly defines the enterprise’s voice and visible branding to ensure a constant emblem affect across audiences—and it does so in a manner this is rather distinct from other retirement solutions companies. While many manufacturers have an outdated voice and tone that best speaks to older purchasers, FAR is familiar with that today’s pretirees and retirees are more youthful and full of existence than in beyond generations. By bringing real scenarios to deliberately dramatized vibrant settings, the logo uplevels its appeal to a much wider audience and permits purchasers to reflect themselves inside the dramatized depiction at the same time as being aspirational in their imaginative and prescient of retirement. Because the patron is at the middle of this logo, FAR has broadened its creative spectrum to consist of a spokescharacter who can embody the essence of FAR’s relationship with customers.

The subsequent technology preparing for retirement desires a present day brand with cutting-edge solutions that meet their desires. The retirement of these days is not the same as it was once, and corporations in this space need to illustrate an knowledge of the current purchaser. FAR research has shown the “felt age” of this audience is plenty younger than their biological age, which means they’ll be receptive to a more modern-day, layout-ahead technique to communications than is generally seen in retirement advertising and marketing. 

When we embarked on our transformation venture within FAR 3 years in the past, we knew we needed to take that identical degree of innovation and weave it into our customer enjoy as well as the way we put it up for sale our solutions. This intended looking past the confines of our enterprise, as we did when we created EquityAvail,” said Kristen Sieffert, President of FAR. “It is very clean that FAR is charting our personal true direction forward and this refresh embodies the energy of our imaginative and prescient of helping extra humans revel in a thriving retirement at the same time as also amplifying the deep non-public connection we’ve got with our customers.”

Finance of America Reverse Has New Look

The display today includes the launch of FAR.Com (formerly fareverse.Com) because the primary internet assets for the corporation. The new look and sense are meditated throughout the web site and capabilities introductory films for every lending product led via Gary, the new spokescharacter. These movies and different assets will even live on social media as FAR rolls out the refresh throughout its channels. In the future, FAR will construct on the new website and emblem refresh with the addition of recent sources, calculators, equipment, schooling, evaluations and borrower testimonies over the coming months.

About Finance of America Reverse

As a retirement solutions organisation and part of the Finance of America Companies (NYSE: FOA) own family of groups, Finance of America Reverse is dedicated to empowering humans with the tools they need to attain financial independence and get to work on retirement. Through its group of Licensed Loan Officers and network of professional and wholesale partners, Finance of America Reverse gives services and products designed to help older Americans consist of home fairness in their retirement plans. The business enterprise is certified nationally and is a proud member of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA).

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