Flexiv Gains World's First CE and ETL Certification for a Force-Controlled Robot


Flexiv, the world forerunner in broadly useful mechanical technology, has gotten CE and ETL endorsement for their Rizon 4 robot, making it the very first seven-hub power controlled versatile robot to accomplish the two accreditations simultaneously.

Showing the characteristic wellbeing of the Rizon 4 robot, the CE and ETL endorsement was granted by the world’s preeminent trying, assessment, certificate and confirmation supplier, Intertek. Acknowledged in the EU and Northern America, the endorsement empowers Flexiv to circulate the Rizon 4 in the European Union, Canada, and the USA.

Flexiv Gains World’s First CE and ETL Certification

Meeting or surpassing the severe CE and ETL necessities, the Rizon 4 was exposed to many individual testing, assessments, and appraisals zeroed in on apparatus wellbeing, electrical security, useful security, natural unwavering quality, electromagnetic similarity, and impact discovery.

During the testing the Rizon 4 was likewise presented to temperatures going from 0-45°C, dust particulates, and water jets from any bearing. Subsequent to breezing through the thorough ecological assessments, the Rizon 4 was granted a rating of IP65, affirming its tough natural fixing.

To arrive at the necessary norms for certificate, Flexiv put intensely in the R&D cycle. Specific consideration was paid to the practical wellbeing plan, hazard examination, security necessity particular, engineering configuration, plan acknowledgment, confirmation, and approval. This brought about the Rizon 4 fitting the bill for 18 security capacities which met EN ISO 13849 PLd useful wellbeing prerequisite. 

Further exhibiting the Rizon 4’s innate wellbeing, it additionally turned into the primary automated arm to pass the ISO/TS 15066 crash test at the ‘elbow’ and ‘wrist’ joints. This formally makes the Rizon 4 versatile robot the world’s most secure economically accessible mechanical arm.

“The CE and ETL declaration is a major authoritative accomplishment on Flexiv’s road to commercialization,” said Wang Shiquan, the creator and CEO of Flexiv. “With the Rizon 4 getting declaration, the business has seen the normal security and nature of our adaptable robot and laid the reason for future market expansion and application improvement.” 

Empowered by man-made intellectual ability and a bio-stirred headway process, the Rizon 4 is prepared for general social gathering, precision control, surface treatment and convenient action. Prepared to be meet the motorization needs of a varying extent of adventures, Flexiv’s Rizon 4 robot is extraordinary for use in the auto, client electronic, green, and clinical regions.

Flexiv Gains World’s First CE and ETL Certification for a Force-Controlled Robot

About Intertek 

Intertek is a main Total Quality Assurance supplier to businesses around the world. As one of the primary accreditation bodies in robot testing and certificate, Intertek is focused on furnishing robot producers and integrators with one-stop arrangements including confirmation, testing, examination, and certificate worldwide in the fields of electric wellbeing, apparatus security, hazard appraisal, useful security, programming wellbeing, and so forth.

About Flexiv 

Flexiv is a world-driving broadly useful advanced mechanics organization zeroed in on creating and assembling versatile robots, coordinating modern level power control, PC vision and AI innovations. The organization gives creative turnkey arrangements and administrations dependent on Flexiv mechanical frameworks to clients in different businesses.

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