Green Life Farms Expands Sales to 5,000 New Customers Through Cheney Brothers Partnership

Date -01/03/2022

Understanding permits Green Life Farms to drastically build its food administration deals and conveyance orgAanization

Green Life Farms, the main controlled-climate agribusiness cultivator in the Southeast U.S., reports its association with Cheney Brothers, Inc., a significant family-possessed and worked territorial food merchant. Green Life Farms will be the elite Butterhead Lettuce provider to in excess of 5,000 Cheney Brothers clients from Florida to North Carolina and then some.

Green Life Farms works two cutting edge aquaculture nurseries in Florida with 11 additional nurseries in development or advancement. Utilizing imaginative tank-farming innovation, Green Life Farms items are developed with non-GMO seeds, utilizing proficient frameworks that require 90% less water than customary cultivating and no pesticides – tending to a portion of the country’s most critical necessities and difficulties around manageability, safe food supply and utilization of normal assets.

Cheney Brothers gives food and other wide line items to free eateries, café networks, inns, country clubs, institutional gatherings, and other foodservice administrators. With yearly incomes of more than $2 billion, the organization is a main wholesaler in its home market of Florida and throughout the most recent quite a while, has extended its presence in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The organization serves its business sectors with in excess of 50,000 items out of 13 best in class circulation offices.

Green Life Farms Expands Sales to 5,000 New Customers

Green Life Farms salad greens incorporate butterhead lettuce, child romaine, child arugula, child kale, and rancher’s mix. The organization likewise hydroponically develops basil, chives, cilantro, dill, mint, parsley, oregano, rosemary, sage, tarragon and thyme. Notwithstanding food administration conveyance, Green Life Farms items are sold in excess of 300 supermarkets and cafés from Palm Beach to Miami and then some, including a few global areas, and to a significant feast unit conveyance organization under a drawn out agreement.

Green Life Farms’ interaction joins innovation with horticultural accepted procedures to develop premium mixed greens with an emphasis on manageability, energy effectiveness and natural obligation. Its tasty produce is developed in spotless, supplement rich oxygenated water in best in class nurseries. Greens are gathered and bundled in a controlled climate to make the cleanest produce all year and conveyed locally to guarantee premium newness and a little carbon impression.

Regarding Green Life Farms 

Green Life Farms works best in class aquaculture nurseries in Lake Worth and Punta Gorda, Florida. Another 11 extra offices are right now in development or improvement, for an aggregate of 5.2 million square feet of nurseries arranged. By fusing horticulture with innovation, Green Life Farms gives shoppers premium-quality, new, nearby, delightful and clean salad greens that are great for their bodies, families, networks and planet – all year.

Green Life Farms Expands Sales to 5,000 New Customers Through Cheney

About Cheney Bros., Inc. 

Cheney Brothers is one of the main foodservice wholesalers in the Southeast, with yearly deals of more than $2 billion. Florida-conceived, family-possessed and worked beginning around 1925, the business has developed to overall conveyance with over 1.5-million-square feet of dispersion space. Demanding top-quality items from broadly perceived makers, Cheney Brothers’ expansive stock comprises of in excess of 50,000 loaded things, from connoisseur to regular.

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