CORRECTING and REPLACING Sneaker Investment App Rares Announces $four Million Seed Funding Round, Led via MaC Venture Capital

Date – 14/10/2021

First paragraph, second sentence of release should examine: The new funding spherical became supported with the aid of Cake Ventures, Portfolia Rising America Funds I and II, and Evolution VC, with both W Fund and Gaingels collaborating after their Pre-Seed investments. (as opposed to The new funding spherical was supported via Cake Ventures, Urban Rising Funds I and II, and Evolution VC, with both W Fund and Gaingels participating after their Pre-Seed investments.)


Rares, a creative social contributing stage and the main elective resource commercial center solely for shoes, declares today that it has brought $4 million up in a seed financing round drove by MaC Venture Capital. The new speculation round was upheld by Cake Ventures, Portfolia Rising America Funds I and II, and Evolution VC, with both W Fund and Gaingels taking part after their Pre-Seed ventures.

The new financing will uphold the development of the Rares group, extension of its item/stock, and further upgrade its capacity to convey super uncommon and important resources for the way of life that made them famous.


Macintosh Ventures is one of the main VC firms contributing through a social focal point across a wide scope of business areas including fintech, internet business and commercial centers, intelligent media, availability, undertaking SaaS, space, and aviation. Their all-encompassing objective is to engage ignored networks who are making shifts in culture and conduct, assisting them with arriving at their advancement second.

“Tennis shoe culture was conceived out of the Black people group, yet today numerous people are overestimated,” said Marlon Nichols, Co-Founder and Managing General Partner of MaC Venture Capital. “Rares is making interest in the collectible tennis shoe space indeed open to everybody, empowering the minorities and people that made the way of life to fabricate abundance from it. I’m thankful to be a piece of this intriguing part for the Rares group as we work to engage networks enthusiastic with regards to tennis shoe culture and expanding social and monetary value in the gigantic collectible shoe market.”

Dispatched in April of 2021, Rares has taken the idea of customary contributing and consolidated it with the exceptionally pursued tennis shoe market to make a unique stage where clients can purchase and sell portions of the greatest esteemed shoes in presence. Its will likely monetarily enable tennis shoe culture and its members. Their first significant procurement before this seed round was the Air Yeezy model, which they obtained for $1.8 million.

“Admittance to huge capital has been the fatal flaw for some business people, particularly ladies and different minorities,” clarifies Rares Co-Founder, Gerome Sapp. “So as a minority, having the option to close this critical SEED speculation round with MaC Venture Capital driving furnishes my inconceivable group and I with another motivated energy for the brilliant future ahead for Rares.”
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CORRECTING and REPLACING Sneaker Investment App Rares Announces $4 Million Seed Funding Round

Rares currently tries to reach one more noteworthy stage in its item offering and venture potential. As they keep on situating themselves as the most recent arising standard in a detonating billion-dollar worldwide tennis shoe market, Rares needs to use its partial proprietorship abilities as an advance towards contributing for the normal buyer, making another class of shoe devotees fueled by monetary proficiency and social value.

About MaC Venture Capital Macintosh Venture Capital is a seed-stage funding firm that puts resources into innovation new businesses utilizing shifts in social patterns and practices. Our different foundations in innovation, business, government, diversion, and money permit us to speed up business people very nearly their advancement second. We offer active help pivotal for building and scaling classification driving organizations, including tasks system, brand building, enrolling, and strategic presentations.

About Rares

Rares is an inventive social contributing stage and elective resource commercial center solely for shoes. Controlled by the U.S. Protections and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) it gives a free from any and all harm climate for shoe financial backers to purchase and exchange fragmentary responsibility for uncommon resources (for example shoes). It is the main S.E.C. controlled financial exchange solely for tennis shoes.

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