KCOM meets hovering data call for with ADVA’s open optical delivery solution


  • UK-primarily based provider provider is expanding ultra-rapid broadband to more houses and companies
  • Compact and scalable ADVA FSP 3000 era delivers new tiers of reliability 
  • ADVA’s professional service team is presenting give up-to-quit challenge control, upkeep and support

Nowadays announced that KCOM is harnessing its FSP 3000 open optical delivery era to meet soaring records call for. The new infrastructure permits the UK-based communication and IT carrier company to supply particularly dependable, extremely-rapid connectivity to more residential and business customers across the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire regions. Featuring ADVA’s QuadFlex™ line card, OpenFabric™ move-join and colorless, directionless, flexgrid ROADM technology, the answer empowers KCOM to remotely flip up new services with complete flexibility and manage. After dealing with all ranges of design, implementation, optimization and trying out, ADVA’s expert crew will offer ongoing renovation and aid.

KCOM meets soaring data demand with ADVA’s open optical

“Last yr, we deployed ADVA’s packet facet era as we created the United Kingdom’s first full-fiber metropolis. Through that procedure, we constructed up a splendid relationship with the ADVA crew. So, whilst it got here to taking our optical network to the subsequent stage, it made feel to show to a associate whom we are able to rely upon, who stocks our goals and who we know will help us every step of the manner,” said Tim Shaw, handling director, KCOM Wholesale and Networks. “With ADVA handling all elements of making plans, task control and renovation, we are able to focus on doing what we do first-rate. Our new shipping infrastructure can be a key device in supporting us deliver global-elegance fiber broadband to even extra customers. It’s going to present families and companies throughout the location a primary improve.”

Designed for scale, bandwidth optimization and coffee-strength intake, the ADVA FSP 3000 platform ensures that KCOM’s new delivery system provides exceptional efficiency. Using ADVA FSP 3000 QuadFlex™ generation, the solution will shipping 100Gbit/s information hundreds across the area with out the want for signal regeneration. Also key’s the ADVA FSP 3000 OpenFabric™, which permits clean aggregation of lower-pace services. What’s more, KCOM is also utilizing ADVA’s comprehensive portfolio of expert offerings to boost up deployment after which preserve efficiency and service great. The partnership ensures that clients get hold of a network specially tailored to their genuine business necessities and backed up by way of 24/7 technical support.

“The new answer is fantastically reliable, completely bendy and incredibly value-efficient. And way to the modular, scalable design of our FSP 3000 platform, KCOM can plan an thrilling roadmap for in addition increase and development in the future,” commented Hartmut Müller-Leitloff, SVP, profits, EMEA, ADVA. “We’re proud to be KCOM’s era partner, improving all components of community rollout and protection and assisting to boom the horizons of KCOM’s corporation. Our surprisingly professional engineers and experts make certain velocity, efficiency and normal fantastic, releasing KCOM to attention on new sales opportunities and empowering its growing numbers of agency customers throughout Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire to do the identical.”

KCOM meets soaring data demand with ADVA’s open optical transport solution

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