MATRIC to Establish First and Only National Center of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Process Design

Date – 07/03/2022

Onshoring this capability will allow faster pharma response instances, fewer deliver chain disruptions

The Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center (MATRIC®) nowadays announced it’s going to set up the Center of Excellence (CoE) for process design, defining a new standardized manner development framework to streamline chemical manufacturing procedures from laboratory bench through to business production. The initial tasks will broaden non-stop processes for vital substances for the pharmaceutical industry presently notably produced foreign places. These new abilities can be installed as a result of the Department of Commerce’s recent Rapid Assistance (for) Coronavirus Economic Response (RACER) provide to the RAPID Manufacturing Institute, of which MATRIC is a sub-awardee.

MATRIC—making use of its precise infrastructure and challenge rely understanding—will lead the specialty chemical production enterprise with this Center of Excellence centered on elevated manner layout through modular processing. Onshoring the capability to transport critical pharmaceutical cloth production procedures from idea to commercial merchandise will permit faster reaction instances and fewer deliver chain disruptions for the Nation.

“Today, the U.S. Doesn’t have the creating ability to give a couple of key unrefined substances and intermediates at scale to help our drug industry and wishes,” said MATRIC Chairman and CEO Steven B. Hedrick. “The COVID pandemic and the cutting edge worldwide convey chain issues have shown us the meaning of convey chain equilibrium and security, and this begins offevolved with fundamental uncooked materials delivered locally, allotted with cause, and really got to.”

MATRIC to Establish First and Only National Center

“At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, we endeavored to get our families and the bleeding edge clinical benefits people get segment to key PPE, sanitizers and different huge structure. I cheer MATRIC for making this incredibly elating endeavor and spreading out the Center for Excellence here in West Virginia. Their immense based engineered time understanding could assist with redesigning local Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) creating, at a time while onshoring our medication stock organization is critical,” communicated U.S. Agent Joe Manchin (D-WV). 


MATRIC is a sub-awardee of the RACER supply from the Department of Commerce to the RAPID® Manufacturing Institute (RAPID). MATRIC will collaborate with RAPID, the venture chief, and with partners at Teich Process Development and Procegence.

“Through its company with RAPID, Teich and Procegence, MATRIC’s Center of Excellence blessings our economic framework with choices. Decisions like this tune down the coins for the chance to supply from Americans for Americans, or to specially buy from surprising spots, at their tact,” expressed RAPID Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer Ignasi Palou-Rivera. “Exactly at the skyline, the principle crude materials and intermediates for pharma will yet again be made to be had inside the United States and presently no longer be secured through a honestly inelastic deliver chain starting in global areas with extensive authorities make due.”


MATRIC is settled in South Charleston, W.Va., on the West Virginia Regional Technology Park (WVRTP), an area with a rich records in development and specialized skill. Laying out MATRIC’s CoE at WVRTP will build another assembling usefulness and capacity inside the Appalachia area which, in flip, makes occupations that aren’t broadly remarkable than authentic, broadly significant jobs in mining and metal. 

Utilizing Americans to expand methods to help different Americans, while bringing down the power profundity that is expected in cluster handling, is something we are eager to direct,” U.S. Congressperson Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) expressed. “Retraining and upskilling individuals to perform secluded uniqueness synthetic vegetation takes some time, but it expands on the current administrator and specialist bundles which may be to be had locally.”

RACER offers are presented by means of the U.S. Department of Commerce to high-impact tasks designed to fund awards for studies, improvement, and testbeds to prevent, put together for, and reply to coronavirus.

MATRIC to Establish First and Only National Center of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Process Design

About MATRIC: 

MATRIC is the strategic innovation companion of choice that offers uncommon understanding and infrastructure to clear up the maximum tough technology and era issues. Focusing at the regions of chemical, electricity and environmental technologies, technical engineering and superior software technologies, MATRIC can provide innovation from concept to commercialization. We make use of our skilled and famend personnel, particular laboratory and pilot plant facilities, and bendy intellectual property fashions to create fee for customers and buyers around the sector. We are an energized and increasing company that works from facilities in South Charleston and Morgantown.

About RAPID® Manufacturing Institute: 

RAPID serves as a nexus between method innovation, economic development, and job introduction. The generation improvement and educational programming we sponsor will growth strength and operational efficiencies, decorate productivity, and improve sustainability, making U.S. Production within the chemical method industries (CPI) extra competitive in the global market and developing the following generation team of workers for these industries.

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