Meet tomorrow Building the flexible future of work


Meet tomorrow Building the flexible future of work

The future of work is already here

After a year of global disruption in 2020, the conversation around the future of work has intensified. Overnight, millions of companies and workers became part of a yearlong global experiment in remote working, putting their collaboration and productivity tools to the test across living rooms and time zones and continents.

While some organizations were able to launch new solutions or adapt existing ones to keep their people connected and productive, many struggled. They quickly discovered their tools weren’t complete, scalable, secure, or built for the cloud era. Meanwhile, across all industries and business types, employees reported spikes in burnout, feelings of disconnection, and frustration with finding the latest information or using unfamiliar tools to collaborate.

Organizations are now having fresh conversations about how they can succeed within the evolving future of work. At the center of that discussion are two familiar topics: productivity and collaboration. How will they evolve in an era of distributed teams and surging employee demand for flexibility? And how will businesses meet expectations to innovate quickly and deliver on rising customer expectations while navigating the new future of work?

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