Nissan Announces Senior Management Changes for North America

Date – 17/03/2022

Nissan is making changes to the management team for North America because it strengthens momentum for its Nissan NEXT transformation plan and keeps to build a more potent enterprise and swiftly increase the destiny imaginative and prescient outlined in Nissan Ambition 2030.

The management changes, effective April 1, are inside the regions of Marketing & Sales, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management, Research and Development (R&D), 4R & Battery Business and Legal, Sustainability & External Affairs.

Jeff Pope, bunch VP, INFINITI Americas, is named division VP, Dealer Network Development and Customer Quality, Nissan and INFINITI, U.S. also, Canada. He replaces David Kershaw who chose to resign from Nissan. Kershaw served in an assortment of jobs during his 32 years with Nissan, most as of late in a basic influential position as Nissan changed its U.S. retail business. Kim Less, chief, Aftersales Supply Chain Management (SCM), is elevated to VP, Aftersales, U.S. Less replaces Michael Soutter who is named corporate VP, Global Aftersales, Nissan Motor Company, Japan.

Nissan Announces Senior Management Changes for North America

Pope and Less will document to Mike Colleran, corporate vp, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (NML), and senior vice president, U.S. Marketing and Sales. 

Tiago Castro, senior director, Sales & Marketing, Nissan Brazil, is called local vice chairman, Nissan Midwest Region, replacing Craig Keeys who is promoted to group vice president, INFINITI Americas. Castro will report to Judy Wheeler, division vp, Nissan U.S. Sales & Regional Operations. He can be based totally in Aurora, Illinois.

David Sliger, interim head of Nissan Canton Manufacturing Operations, is promoted to vp, Manufacturing, Nissan Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant. Sliger will report to David Johnson, senior vp, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management, Nissan North America.

Yasuhiro Azuma, general manager, Infiniti phase Chief Vehicle Engineer and Technology Planning branch, R&D, NML, is named vice president, Vehicle Program Engineering.

Hiroki Sasaki, vice president, R&D and External Affairs, Nissan China Investment Co., is known as vice president, Platform & Technology Engineering.

 Azuma-san and Sasaki-san will document to Chris Reed, regional senior vice chairman, R&D, Nissan Americas.

Nissan Announces Senior Management Changes for North America

Kent O’Hara, senior vice chairman, Global Aftersales, Nissan Motor Company, Japan, returns to the U.S. In a newly created function of president, 4R Energy, U.S. O’Hara can have obligation for constructing the fast-developing business possibility to reuse, resell, refabricate and recycle electric powered automobile batteries. This attempt will beautify the general competitiveness of Nissan’s EV commercial enterprise and bring new revenue streams for the enterprise. 

Jason Menges, director and assistant widespread recommend, Regulatory and Product Safety, is promoted to vp and preferred recommend, Legal, North America. Menges will file to Andrew Tavi, local senior vice chairman, Legal, Sustainability & External Affairs, Nissan Americas.

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