How the Pandemic Has Reshaped Digital Business Agendas

Digital transformation was supposed to be an ongoing journey—not the turn-on-a-dime situation most businesses were thrust into when COVID-19 first took hold around the globe.
But a pivotal moment happened as organizations scrambled to support new work-from-home policies and digital customer touchpoints: IT and business leadership teams realized that some of the steps they had already taken to modernize their IT infrastructure—moving to the cloud, investing in data and analytics capabilities, and bolstering security across an evolving technology ecosystem—paid off when the crisis hit.
Organizations that were further along in their digital transformation journey were, for the most part, able to adapt more quickly and minimize disruptions to their business. What could have been disastrous instead became a case study in the promise of digital transformation. And now, as leadership teams turn to recovery and growth, they can apply the lessons learned about the value of digital transformation to new initiatives, across more parts of the business, leading to more and faster innovation.

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