Radiology Reporting Software RadioReport® by Neo Q – Entering the US Market


  • First time show in the US at Chicago meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 
  • “Made in Germany”created by radiologists for radiologists

RadioReport®, the creative programming for announcing radiological discoveries, is presently accessible for radiologists in the USA. A few German practices and centers are as of now utilizing RadioReport®. This product naturally creates organized reports in the space of attractive reverberation imaging (MRI) and registered tomography (CT). The designers, German organization

Radiology Reporting Software

Neo Q, are currently introducing the apparatus at the yearly gathering of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). 

RadioReport® is the main detailing programming worldwide that utilizes a totally arranged interaction to direct radiologists right to the last report. This includes addressing explicit inquiries utilizing checkboxes and determination instruments with the snap of a mouse – totally without free message. The outcome is a great, exhaustive report contains all the important data, utilizing short, clear sentences. For specialists and patients, this addresses a significant achievement, as studies have shown that in excess of 40% of directed reports contain mistakes. The product guarantees excellent reports, yet additionally quicker ones. In the wake of leading individual field tests in pilot arrangements, Neo Q has observed that a talented radiologist can finish a report of, for instance, a bosom MRI assessment in a normal of ten minutes when utilizing RadioReport®. The normal time required utilizing traditional techniques is 35 minutes. Because of the huge decrease on schedule, there are massive expense benefits for facilities and radiology rehearses.

In accordance with clinical practice: 

life systems rather than pathology Rather than different techniques for computerized detailing, RadioReport® doesn’t work with layouts that cover individual clinical discoveries, yet with 23 complete modules. In light of the life structures or the inspected space of the body, these modules cover the whole range of MRI/CT signs. “Radiologists survey an assessment district comprehensively, on the grounds that it isn’t unprecedented for a long time to be available. The methodology through formats is inflexible and can’t satisfactorily mirror this intricacy,” says Prof. Alexander Huppertz, famous radiologist with numerous long periods of involvement, CEO and prime supporter of the organization.

 Changing the announcing language is simple – additional opportunities for teleradiology 

RadioReport® is a multilingual arrangement. Clients can switch among English and Spanish, among different dialects, with a basic mouse click, both in the UI and in the end result, the report. Extra dialects will be included what’s to come. This opens entryways for telemedical announcing and for proficient trade across public and phonetic hindrances. 

Radiology Reporting Software RadioReport® by Neo Q – Entering the US Market

RadioReport® opens the entryway for Big Data 

As well as giving direct help to regular radiological work, RadioReport® works with the assortment of huge volumes of normalized, excellent datasets. Consistently, radiological assessments create a large number of elements. This information can possibly be utilized by man-made brainpower (AI) as a reason for the advancement of individual treatments – the watchword here is customized medication. As of not long ago, the information scene for AI applications has been poor. “This is on the grounds that reports of discoveries are as yet composed as normal writing text and are thusly unusable for information handling,” says Huppertz. Interestingly, RadioReport® creates true information in machine-intelligible structure – at scale and in great. Subsequently, clinics and radiology practices can make their information accessible for AI applications. Up to this point, it was unrealistic to produce great radiological information in such a high volume.

About Neo Q 

Neo Q Quality in Imaging GmbH was established by Prof. Alexander Huppertz, MD, Oliver Aretz and Jan Wintzer. Situated in Berlin, Germany, the medical services IT fire up offers doctors worldwide a progressive answer for the productive documentation of attractive reverberation imaging (MRI) and figured tomography (CT) discoveries, called Guided Reporting.

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