Record360 Expands Portfolio, Adds New Workflow Management Tools to Help Dealerships and Rental Firms Streamline Marketing, Sales of Heavy Equipment


  • Dispatches SalesPro as industry’s most complete versatile based application to smooth out stock perceivability, value statements, and cross-stage advertising for utilized gear deals.
  •  Influences and coordinates rich picture vault, gear insight and usefulness from the organization’s leader InspectPro item. 
  • Invites tech industry veteran Abby Chao as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Record360, which gives a versatile based web-based assessment and work process stage that rearranges and robotizes how organizations oversee gear resource condition revealing, reported today a significant extension of its item portfolio with the dispatch of SalesPro.

SalesPro is another item which gives incredible programming apparatuses and work processes that empower development firms, businesses, vehicle rental armadas and other business hardware proprietors to rapidly distinguish resources available to be purchased, decide their condition, value them suitably and quickly react to intrigue from possible purchasers. The dynamic stage empowers salespeople to showcase hardware straight by text or email, or over broadly utilized web-based media stages.

“Selling a piece of utilized gear, regardless of whether it’s a rental vehicle or truck, a farm hauler, Bobcat loader, crane, excavator or other modern hardware resource, is an agonizingly manual interaction these days,” noted Record360 CEO Abby Chao, who joined the organization last month. “It’s hard to know with any level of unwavering quality what’s accessible and what shape the resource is in,” she clarifies. “It’s considerably more drawn-out and awkward to make a powerful posting and afterward market it to the ideal individual at the perfect opportunity over the legitimate channels.”

Record360 Expands Portfolio, Adds

SalesPro was intended to smooth out and computerize that interaction, giving salesmen the board apparatuses, the capacity to access forward-thinking pictures, and efficient work processes to recognize and get when utilized gear is ready to move. They can likewise inside a similar stage decide valuing and consistently make and disperse a constant leaning to intrigued purchasers, noted Kat Gillis, the organization’s Chief Operating Officer.

“With SalesPro, a rep can productively recognize a piece of gear available to be purchased, select the most suitable photographs or recordings, append those to an itemized posting and afterward effectively share postings to hot leads across numerous diverts — all in under a moment,” clarified Gillis.

Gillis noted also that with SalesPro, salespeople can make a posting utilizing the most recent Record360 picture, and afterward text or email that proposal to an intrigued purchaser. Moreover, with a solitary tap, the application will naturally populate the posting over well known online media stages like LinkedIn or Facebook, saving the rep time and exertion from manual rekeying and reposting.

Critically, SalesPro is coordinated with and uses the broad, constant, persistently refreshed library of gear pictures contained in the InspectPro information base, which lists the genuine state of the resource and a background marked by use information over its lifecycle. The information base additionally considers search of stock across various areas, so if a rep can’t track down a particular resource locally, it very well may be recognized and labeled available to be purchased from another office.

For rental gear organizations, the stage likewise gives extra advantages by uniting what were some time ago siloed tasks – with rental administrators on one side of the house and agents on the other. “We are sharing access and key insight about hardware ready to move and giving a synergistic interaction that further develops correspondence among rental and deals, at last aiding resource use and expanding income,” said Gillis.

A portion of the advantages of SalesPro include:

  •  Fast and exact admittance to stock, tells you gear ready to move essentially by opening the application. 
  • Consequently imports the most recent stock information from your ERP.
  •  Distinguishes whether hardware is out on lease, sold, harmed or in any case inaccessible available to be purchased. 
  • Channels on make, model, year, hours, cost and different information focuses to definitively coordinate with purchaser need to accessible stock and set legitimate valuing. 
  • Gives admittance to the rich store of recordings and photographs inside the Record360 data set.
  •  Empowers statements to be sent straightforwardly to clients by email or message;
  •  likewise populates postings to web-based media stages with a solitary tap.
  •  Further develops correspondence between inward groups, assembles cooperation and diminishes shortcoming.
Record360 Expands Portfolio Management Tools to Help Dealerships and Rental Firms Streamline Marketing,

“We are eager to acquaint this new item with the market and stretch out the chance for Record360 to bring altogether more worth and cost reserve funds to our clients,” said Chao, who already helped to establish a monetary innovation organization that assists families with setting aside cash for school and filled in as an administration advisor. She’s an alum of the University of Southern California and procured her graduate degree from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

ABOUT RECORD360 – Founded in 2013, Record360 is utilized by clients, for example, Sunbelt Rentals, Herc and Aim Leasing to report the state of resources like development hardware, trucks, and other rental apparatus at the hour of trade. The organization goes about as an autonomous outsider to store pictures with area and time stamps and is there to hold evidence when there is a harm question. Record360 is utilized in more than 2,000 areas from one side of the country to the other.

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