Renewable Energy Group Announces Strategic Investment in Expanded Low Carbon Feedstock Processing in Europe

Date – 03/03/2022

Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REG) (NASDAQ: REGI) will install a contemporary pretreatment facility in Germany, permitting the agency to refine some of the lowest carbon depth, toughest to convert waste fats and oils for bio-primarily based diesel manufacturing. The challenge is placed at the North Sea harbor of Emden, Germany at the border to The Netherlands.

This project will enhance REG Emden and REG Oeding’s capacity to supply renewable gas from a wider variety of feedstocks, along with ‘Generation 3’ superior feedstocks as described beneath the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) II. This strategic upgrade will permit the enterprise to continue to increase the corporation’s strong global sourcing and trading position, produce more deeply decarbonized fuel and better serve European customers in search of to boost up their transition to cleanser strength.

Renewable Energy Group Announces Strategic Investment

“This essential venture extends our generally immense longing of feedstock choices that we run at Emden and Oeding these days, and qualifies us to all the more likely serve the developing call for low carbon gas choices in Europe,” expressed REG President and CEO, CJ Warner. “Updating our German assembling web destinations with our exclusive age will trademark us appropriately for the fate, accumulate on our convey guarantee and enable us to additionally diminish the carbon profundity of the inexhaustible powers we produce.”

The RED II policy incentivizes waste and advanced feedstocks as Europe keeps to emphasize decarbonization efforts. REG presently produces approximately 50 million gallons, or 167kMT in keeping with year of biodiesel at its two German biorefineries, delivering carbon discount effect in Europe, drastically with on-road transportation and maritime clients.

“REG will protect to expand following right after us document of conveying high fine powers and being a confided in accomplice to squander producers looking for solid offtake,” said REG VP and Managing Director, International Business, Raymond Richie. “As clients and providers call for extra manageable business undertaking rehearses, we’re all around put to assume a key part in the round convey chain.”

REG acquired the bio-based totally diesel plants in Germany in 2017 and has in view that opened a global trading workplace in Amsterdam for sourcing feedstocks and promoting co-merchandise and fuels. REG has all required allows for creation and the mission is anticipated to be finished inside the 2nd half of of 2023 with begin-up by means of 12 months-give up. REG has selected BDI- BioEnergy International GmbH because the engineering, procurement and construction partner.

Renewable Energy Group Announces Strategic Investment in Expanded Low Carbon Feedstock Processing

“With our modern RetroFit programme, we’re taking the two biodiesel flowers to a completely new technical and monetary degree. The result is precise uncooked cloth flexibility, most plant availability and a measurably valuable contribution to the round economy and CO2 reduction,” stated Markus Dielacher, CEO BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH.

About Renewable Energy Group 

Renewable Energy Group, Inc. Is main the energy and transportation industries’ transition to sustainability via converting renewable sources into high-quality, sustainable fuels. Renewable Energy Group is an international manufacturer of sustainable fuels that drastically lower greenhouse gas emissions to without delay lessen carbon impact. Renewable Energy Group utilizes a worldwide integrated procurement, distribution and logistics network to function 11 biorefineries inside the U.S. And Europe. In 2020, Renewable Energy Group produced 519 million gallons, or 1.7 million metric lots of cleaner gas turning in four.2 million metric lots of carbon reduction. Renewable Energy Group is assembly the developing international call for for decrease-carbon fuels and main the manner to a more sustainable future.

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