Sailboat Bio Expands Collaboration for CAR‑NK Cell Engineering with the University of Minnesota and Secures an Exclusive Patent License to Next Generation Manufacturing Technologies

Date – 15/03/2022

Next segment of collaboration to typically recognition on persisted advancement of transposon engineering for allogeneic CAR-NK mobile therapies and optimization of CAR-NK cellular manufacturability

Exclusively certified patent rights cowl subsequent technology cellular process technologies for optimizing CAR-NK manufacturability invented at some point of in advance collaboration section

A biotechnology corporation growing off‑the-shelf chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-NK cellular treatment options to treat most cancers, these days introduced a selection and extension of its studies collaboration with Branden Moriarity, PhD, of the University of Minnesota, to further enhance the versatility of transposon engineering for arming CAR-NK mobile treatment options with purposeful attributes no longer found in in advance generations of mobile treatment plans.

Catamaran has additionally secured an exclusive, worldwide license to University of Minnesota patent rights protecting subsequent technology cell growth technology which do not require the usage of feeder cells. These new technologies had been invented for the duration of the events’ studies collaboration which has been in place since early 2020. Cell expansion technologies which do not depend upon the use of feeder cells offer the ability to improve the performance and decrease the price of manufacturing CAR-NK cellular treatment plans.

Catamaran Bio Expands Collaboration for CAR‑NK Cell Engineering with the University of Minnesot

“This improved collaboration and license display our commitment to increase and integrate the most superior technologies for scalable and sturdy production of our allogeneic CAR-NK cellular therapies,” said Alvin Shih, MD, Chief Executive Officer at Catamaran Bio. “We will hold to innovate within the areas of cellular engineering and processing to keep Catamaran at the main edge of CAR-NK cell therapy production and to allow us to hastily improve the handiest cell cures for most cancers sufferers.”

In the new phase of the collaboration, research groups from the University of Minnesota and Catamaran will in addition optimize the TcBusterTM transposon system, a next generation nonviral genetic amendment gadget which has been included into Catamaran’s TAILWINDTM platform. TcBuster turned into engineered to be used in human immune cells through a group led via Dr. Branden Moriarity, Catamaran’s clinical co-founder and Associate Professor within the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Hematology/Oncology, the University of Minnesota. Catamaran licensed the TcBuster transposon gadget from Bio-Techne Corporation.

“In contrast to viral engineering techniques generally used nowadays to make cell therapies, transposon genetic amendment structures provide more versatility due to the fact they could bring larger and more complicated genetic payloads and that they allow for multiplex gene editing in a single step,” said Joseph Gold, PhD, Vice President, Technical Operations and Manufacturing at Catamaran Bio. “With our extended collaboration with Dr. Moriarity’s lab, we will further extend the boundaries of what is feasible with transposon engineering to make sure that we’re capable of increase CAR-NK cell healing procedures with all the preferred functional attributes to optimize effectiveness against strong tumors.”

Catamaran Bio Engineering with the University of Minnesota and Secures an Exclusive Patent License to Next Generation Manufacturing Technologies

About Catamaran Bio 

Catamaran Bio is growing novel, off-the-shelf chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-NK mobile healing procedures designed to treat a vast variety of cancers, such as solid tumors. Our proprietary skills permit us to harness the herbal cancer-combating homes of NK cells and decorate and tailor their effectiveness with the strength of synthetic biology and progressive non-viral cellular engineering. We are using our TAILWIND™ platform, an incorporated suite of technologies, to specially address the quit-to-give up strategies of engineering, processing and manufacturing NK cells and unexpectedly enhance our pipeline of CAR-NK mobile therapy packages. Our crew combines experienced biopharmaceutical leadership with founding scientists who’re pioneers in NK mobile biology, engineering, production and scientific software. Catamaran is backed through main economic and company investors, inclusive of SV Health Investors, Sofinnova Partners, Lightstone Ventures, Takeda Ventures, Astellas Venture Management, and the UMN Discovery Capital funding software.

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