SES Orders Two State-of-the-Art Satellites for its Prime TV Neighborhood Serving 118 Million Homes


Two satellites at 19.2 degrees East will empower SES’s significant European telecasters’ substance dispersion activities just as convey network administrations over Europe.

SES reported today it has requested two geostationary (GEO) Ku-band satellites for its prime orbital space at 19.2 degrees East to keep up with the exceptional administrations it gives to its European video clients and to catch new open doors in the district. These two substitution satellites – ASTRA 1P and ASTRA 1Q – will be worked by Thales Alenia Space, a joint endeavor between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%) and are relied upon to dispatch in 2024.

ASTRA 1P, an exemplary wide-bar satellite, will uphold SES’s superb TV area and empower content proprietors, private and public telecasters across Germany, France and Spain to keep broadcasting satellite TV stations in the most elevated picture quality in the most expense effective way.

SES Orders Two State-of-the-Art Satellites

ASTRA 1Q, a cutting edge advanced satellite with both wide shafts and high-throughput spot radiates, will actually want to help direct-to-home (DTH) activities like ASTRA 1P. Also, the completely adaptable ASTRA 1Q is customisable on circle and can be sent effectively to other orbital positions, empowering SES to serve the unique necessities of its video and information clients well into what’s to come.

The current satellites working at SES’s prime orbital neighborhood of 19.2 degrees East serve an unparalleled 118 million families or north of 43% of all European TV homes. Expressly the majority of satellite homes in Germany, France and Spain are being served by the ASTRA satellites. The amount of TV homes getting HD content from these satellites has extended practically 30% over the span of late years.

“Our shocking TV neighborhood at 19.2 degrees East is one of our most basic assets and has been basic to engaging pompous European broadcasters to energize their TV swarms over the latest 30 years. These two satellites will have the strength, experiencing quality and overabundance that our video customers need, and will really need to pass on continued with premium affiliations well into 2040,” said Steve Collar, CEO of SES. “In addition, by uprightness of top tier satellite new development, we will be future-fixing our endeavor and mixing an ensured level of flexibility into ASTRA 1Q to ensure we are meeting the moving necessities of the tremendous number of business locales we serve.”

SES Orders Two State-of-the-Art Satellites for its Prime TV Neighbourhood Serving 118 Million Homes

“This agreement mirrors the capacity of Thales Alenia Space to coordinate with corresponding client’s requirements for both limit and adaptability. We are pleased to propose to SES our full electric Spacebus NEO flight demonstrated product offering to answer Astra 1P mission just as our inventive programming characterized arrangement Space Inspire, permitting Astra 1Q the full in-circle adaptability mentioned to serve the dynamic of the developing business sector,” said Hervé Derrey, CEO of Thales Alenia Space.

 The obtainment of the two satellites was at that point fused inside SES’s current Capital Expenditure standpoint for 2021-2025 and is completely agreeable with the organization’s monetary arrangement.

About SES 

SES has a striking vision to convey astounding encounters wherever on earth by disseminating the best video content and giving consistent availability all throughout the planet. As the forerunner in worldwide substance availability arrangements, SES works the world’s just multi-circle star grouping of satellites with the remarkable blend of worldwide inclusion and superior execution, including the financially demonstrated, low-inactivity Medium Earth Orbit O3b framework. By utilizing a tremendous and wise, cloud-empowered organization, SES can convey top notch availability arrangements anyplace ashore, adrift or noticeable all around, and is a believed accomplice to the world’s driving media communications organizations, versatile organization administrators, legislatures, network and cloud specialist co-ops, telecasters, video stage administrators and content proprietors. SES’s video network continues 8,500 channels and has an unrivaled reach of 361 million families, conveying oversaw media administrations for both direct and non-straight substance. The organization is recorded on Paris and Luxembourg stock trades (Ticker: SESG).

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