Two-Day Program Exploring Fundamentals of The Texas ERCOT Electric Power Market: Structure, Function, and Current Status - Houston, United States - April 28-29, 2022 - ResearchAndMarkets.Com

Date – 21/03/2022

This new in-depth two-day application presents a comprehensive and clear clarification of the structure, feature, and contemporary status of the Texas ERCOT ISO such as its operations, the fundamentals of day-in advance and real-time energy auctions, LMP, CRRs, generation capacity markets (Resource Adequacy), and the brand new operational and economic troubles raised by using the combination of solar, wind, distributed generation (“DER”), call for reaction (“DR”) and demand facet control (“DSM”) sources and electricity storage.

Gain an knowledge of the dynamic Texas wholesale and retail competitive markets, and learn how these markets interface with ERCOT ISO electricity auctions and ISO operations. Understand, decorate and observe knowledge of the ERCOT nodal market operations for Energy, Ancillary Services, Market Settlements, Capacity, Retail, and Renewables.

Two-Day Program Exploring Fundamentals of The Texas ERCOT Electric Power

This seminar will even deal with the swiftly expanding new market opportunities in Texas Renewables – Wind, Solar, etc., Distributed Generation (“DER”), Demand Response and Demand Side Management (“DSM”) in addition to the brand new opportunities so one can be emerging from the modern-day re-layout of ERCOT Ancillary Services, future Ancillary and Capacity market tasks and the in addition unbundling of ERCOT services.

What You Will Learn 

  • ERCOT’s market features, marketplace participants and players and the way they interface and do enterprise. 
  • The importance of the QSEs’ crucial role in representing marketplace participants earlier than ERCOT. 
  • What makes the ERCOT marketplace unique compared to all different ISOs and RTOs. 
  • Texas 2021 rolling brownout occasions, learnings from the activities and steps taken by ERCOT for future. 
  • What modified after the move to a nodal marketplace design and primary transactional differences. 
  • What the “Shadow Price” is, and why it’s miles crucial and its dating to LMP. 
  • Nodal System: LMPs, congestion control and CRRs and settlement approaches. 
  • The functions and importance of congestion revenue rights and why those economic units are used.
  • ERCOT’s zonal and nearby congestion management operations and differences. 
  • Day-Ahead and actual-time markets for energy, ancillary offerings and ability – RUC and HRUC. 
  • The workings and relationship of the day-ahead and actual-time markets. 
  • ERCOT’s new ancillary services framework, modifications in the products and their requirements, and their implications on the device reliability. 
  • ERCOT’s roadmap for power storage and undergoing paintings by way of the Battery Energy Storage venture pressure.

You Will Also Learn 

  • How Bilateral and Auction Markets interface and the way they paintings independently and collectively. 
  • Wholesale pricing, retail marketplace Functions and structures for retail business. 
  • The key wholesale market settlement operations underneath the nodal market. 
  • How ERCOT’s retail marketplace works and what’s happening on this market. 
  • ERCOT’s upcoming marketplace adjustments and what is going to be the consequences of the brand new energy mix with renewables and energy storage. 
  • ERCOT summer and iciness machine reliability problems. 
  • The arguable relationships between reserve margins and real-time energy fee market caps. 
  • What technology, transmission and infrastructure problems ERCOT faces now and over the next ten years. 
  • System extensive provide caps. 
  • ERCOT has targeted demand reaction deployments, renewable power and DSM programs, and those at the horizon. 
  • The interconnectivity problems in herbal fuel and energy markets. 
  • How the special IT structures fit together and are used inside the Wholesale and Retail Markets. 
  • What are the steps for planning and accomplishing aid interconnections with ERCOT. 
  • ERCOT’s modern interconnection queue, latest tendencies within the renewables and garage tasks. 
  • ERCOT’s LTSA and the IRP model with the potential blend forecasts and strength charge forecasts. 
  • Geographical warmth maps of power garage ability throughout Texas.
Two-Day Program Exploring Fundamentals of The Texas ERCOT Electric Power Market:

Seminar Agenda 

  • Understand the special forms of players, stakeholders and their exclusive roles and a couple of functions. 
  • The key wholesale and retail stakeholders and marketplace participants, and how their activities shape ERCOT’s operations.
  •  The importance of the QSEs’ function and who can take part based totally on qualifications and goals. 
  • How the day-in advance public sale markets work, the timing problems and the kinds of merchandise. 
  • The critical features and relationships of the day-ahead and actual-time markets and how they interact in the wholesale and retail markets. 
  • Locational marginal pricing (LMP) and why and how it is used for deciding on gives and product pricing. 
  • How LMP is calculated and used for transaction pricing at nodes, zones and hubs. 
  • The unique functions of ERCOT electricity, balancing or “spot marketplace” and ancillary marketplace services. 
  • What DRUC, HRUC and associated capacity markets mean and why those distinctions are vital. 
  • The difference between public sale and bilateral bulk electricity markets and the professionals & cons of each. 
  • How the “Two-Market Settlement” procedure works and the key wholesale marketplace agreement activities. 
  • Load Zone versus hub settlements and LMP calculation variations. 
  • The worries and relationships between reserve margins real-time energy rate marketplace caps and reserve markets. 
  • Texas 2021 rolling brownout activities, learnings from the occasion and steps taken via ERCOT for future. 
  • ERCOT’s new ancillary services framework, modifications in the goods and their requirements, and their implications on the device reliability. 
  • ERCOT’s roadmap for power storage and present process paintings by way of the Battery Energy Storage task force.
  •  ERCOT’s upcoming market modifications and what is going to be the results of the brand new strength blend with renewables and electricity garage. 
  • ERCOT summer season and iciness device reliability problems and system extensive provide caps. 
  • ERCOT’s and the strength enterprise’s views on “forward ability” markets and rate caps. 
  • The concerns and relationships between reserve margins real-time power charge market caps. 
  • Generation, Transmission and different infrastructure troubles ERCOT faces now and over the following ten years. 
  • The “clever grid” in ERCOT and a discussion of the key issues and the way the smart grid is possibly to broaden and effect wholesale and retail price indicators.
  • A precis of the important thing troubles of nowadays and where the ERCOT is headed, including a discussion of the smart grid, renewable energy and the constructing of new transmission strains. 
  • The fundamental issues dealing with wind strength, sun and other renewables and the way these technology assets relate to the proposed buildout of the backbone energy grid. 
  • The ERCOT targeted demand reaction deployments as cost-effective options to transmission and distribution infrastructure improvements for neighborhood reliability. 
  • The roles that unique allotted energy assets play in a targeted demand control program. 
  • The drivers for the growing interest in those non-wires allotted era (“DER”), demand reaction (“DR”) and related call for aspect control (“DSM”) initiatives. 
  • ERCOT’s current interconnection queue, latest tendencies within the renewables and garage initiatives. 
  • ERCOT’s LTSA and the IRP version with the capacity mix forecasts and electricity price forecasts.
  •  Geographical heat maps of electricity storage ability across Texas. 
  • The contemporary and destiny problems going through ERCOT on DER, DR and DSM alternatives.
  •  How stop-customers purchase and manage their electric powered picks and procurement options and what are they nowadays and predicted to be within the future.

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